Hunting for this piece, sharp eyes requested


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Hi folks! I'm looking for a model piece and was hoping someone here might have some ideas on what it actually is. Here's the best image I could find of it:


I know this is made of 2 different kit parts and I already have the bottom, square bit (from a Tamiya Harley kit). It's the top bit that I can't find.

I'm thinking it's maybe some sort of oil pan from a model kit? It doesn't seem to have any texture on it that suggest a radiator of any sort, and it has that notch in one end (possibly both). It was one of those greeblies found on multiple costumes and parts from ROTJ (this image is from an Endor Commando backpack, but it was also used on the ROTJ Rebel pilot belt boxes and B-Wing chest box, as well as the Rebel Technician belt box).

Can't find anything like it so far, so I thought I'd consult with the vast brain wealth of the RPF. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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