Hunter Seeker from dune 2021 modelling and build log


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There was another quick model I wanted to recreate (and make) from the Dune movie. It's a Hunter Seeker.
This is the shot from the movie:


The design is done by Peter Popken. See it here.
Screen Shot 2021-12-26 at 8.56.27 am.jpg

My model:




Here is fly around animation:

Again. Will attempt to 3D print it and report back. And share files when they are ready for printing.


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Print kinda failed (right two). I've modified the model - made the shell thicker, filled inside (in between shells and spheres). Also at 100% (4cm in length), it's still too small. Especially needles are too small to print. So, I've printed one (second left) at 100% with idea of adding non-printed needles and one at 150% (left) with needles (on the picture). Will finish prepping them (putty some defects left from support), paint somewhat, glue needles and share the result.


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