Hungarian try to build Star Lord


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I'm a Hungarian guy live in the UK. Meet cosplay 5 years ago and fall in love. I'm a Star Wars freak so this is my first Marvel character I would like to complete. Some parts I could not build because I am a beginner in costume making... so I'm gonna buy it from RPF members. Oh... and sorry about my english.

This "project" starts with a tape... iPhone 4 with DeliTape app. This is a jailbroken iPhone so I changed the tape picture to Star Lord accurate tape.


Next step is the drinkman.
Drinkman.jpgWalkmanPiros.jpgThe extra holes and logos was filled with green stuff.walkmanGreen.jpg
Now painting:WalkmanPaint.jpgWalkmanfelirat.jpgWalkmanfelirat2.jpg
An interesting thing I found: Hook.jpgHook2.jpg
More paint... and logos: Walkmanblue.jpg Done (the silver arrow is painted as well but I do not have the picture):Walkmanblue2.jpg
The Walkman is working because of the touch screen... you can play, pause, rev, or forward.

I bout this helmet on ebay... not screen acurate. Later on I'm gonna have a proper one, in the moment this will be fine.
The paint job was awful so I repaint the whole thing.
1.original paint 2.primer paint 4.gunmetal paint 5. silver paint
battle damageHelmet05.jpg

Nerf Gun: Gun.jpg
The plan: GunPlan.jpg Translate: Rezgőmotor = Vibrating motor, Hangszóró = Speaker, 9V elem = 9V battery

Painthing again: Paint01.jpgPaint02.jpgPaint03.jpgPaint04.jpg


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3D Printed Stuff:3D piece.jpg
I was not satisfied with the "carbon" paint so swapped to foil. CarbonFoil.jpg
Painting and masking again: Paint05.jpgPaint06.jpgnow I wait to the airbrush kit to arrive.

Got this from RPF: Switch.jpgBout this on ebay: BootsRocket01.jpg
painting it: BootsRocket02.jpgBootsRocket03.jpgBootsRocket04.jpg
The rockets will be detachable, just like in the movie. Magnet is the solution. BootsRocket05.jpg

Earpiece: earpiece.jpg
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The gun is not 100% complete yet, I need to fill the screw holes and airbrush the front of the barrel.
This is just a sound and light test.
A Nerf Gun and a BlasterCore combination.

Some pictures from my gator made by James Neathery
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Wow. This is amazing work! How did you make/what did you use to make the glowing eyes on the helmet? I couldn't quite tell from the photos.


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Gyurma: thank you for sharing your project with us ! It looks awesome.
And don't worry about your crafting skills or english; both will improve as you hang out on the forum ;) just keep practising
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