Humanized GLaDOS costume build


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Hello - I posted recently about needing help with finding tutorials or WIP photos of other GLaDOS builds, but sadly I forgot to actually subscribe to the thread, and it's buried somewhere. I began the process yesterday. It's nothing like so many of the things I've seen posted on here for other projects. My skill level is still what I would call new when it comes to building things out of EVA foam! This is the beginning of my interpretation of GLaDOS with her head piece. This is EVA foam mounted on headphones. I can't decide if I want to add rounded portions over the ears of the headphones to make it more like her actual head piece or not. I have ordered smoked acrylic (bendable with heat) for the eye area as well as the light that goes in the center of that area. It needs a back strap to keep it from tipping too far forward on my head, and of course paint. For good measure, I added a photo of what my face will look like under the head piece for when I take it off. I'll be making shoulder, hip and leg armor for her as well which will go over the bodysuit and corset. Thoughts? Suggestions?