Human Skin Chest.


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I have been working for the last couple of weeks on a custom chest coverd in "Human Skin".This was a project just for the fun of it, and to improve my sculpting/molding/coloring skills.
I would like to share it with you :)






Looks awesome!

Technical nitpick would be the skin texture and the color needs to be a bit rougher/wrinklier and a lil darker. Best comparison would be custom leather.

Looks freakin sweet though. Kinda surprised you didn't go bone on the hinges :lol

I swear someday we are going to hear on the news of some buffalo bill type making items from human body parts and trying to pass it off on theRPF as fake. That looks amazing......and real. Yuk, and cool at the same time.

Can your box hear me coming?
:lol Very awesome. I actually expected to see a nose or some other boby part when I scrolled down. The close ups are very convincing.
Thanks for all the great comments! This is one of my first real sculps and im pretty proud of it. Still want to make a little booklet with the making of the chest, which would be in the same style. Not sure yet what im going to do with it now that its done , any suggestions? Temporarily its my where i keep my socks.:lol

I was going for a more fresh skin/meat look, but i did look into it. I was afraid it would have been more leather like then flesh like.
I think this is one of the top five best thread titles I've seen in my time here. Oh, and cool chest too :) But do you sleep with that thing around?!
Merlin's Beard, that is CREEPy! ! ! ..... but oh, so clever and beautifully done! Did you sculpt this out of Super Sculpey and then sew it? Did you fire it onto the box or glue it? Anyway, this is quite a ghastly piece indeed!
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