Human Bio Mask


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Examples of makes from AVP Comics




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All joking aside, it is best to be a little more concrete when it comes to the gallery.

The Bio Helmet from DARK HORSE COMICS in the ALIENS vs. PREDATOR OMNIBUS volume 1 in WAR parts 1 and 2 worn by the woman that Broken Tusk Marked. Just waiting for my camera to charge up


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it's best to wait to post a thread until you actually are posting the pics, other wise you just confuse the hell out of everyone like you just did.

Darth Pinhead

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Also, while distinctive fonts and colors might seem a good idea, it distracts a lot.

Exactly. That red font is killer on the eyes and needs to be banned from the new forum, IMHO. Personally, if there were anything I'd prefer to keep static in threads, it's the font type, size, and color...

At any rate, thanks for posting pics. I was confused as hell and it's good to finally get a visual,

Really like the faces, but the ears me of a puppet...


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Huh??? It's the same design as your avatar pic. Did you customize your avatar's PRED, or was this taken from a certain game, book, comic? If so, it isn't your design.

Just saying. :)
Oh sorry What I ment is that I'm gonna get this mask made for me. Sorry if I confused you REYALS.
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