HULKBUSTER toy conversion

Discussion in 'General Modeling' started by buckettt, May 23, 2015.

  1. buckettt

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    Just wanted to post some pics of my TITAN HERO hulkbuster toy I converted to a pretty nice looking statue....toy sells for about $30 bucks. Its big and nicely detailed...but not much articulation......


    took apart, cut up at joints.....


    re-positioned into an action pose (based on the KOTO STATUE ) Did some sculpting, changed arc reactor, added some details.
    (used metal rods and epoxy to piece together )


    Results after a paint job and a base. ( just under 14 " tall )


    Still have some painting/ touch -up work to do (forgot to do neck/collar area )....didn't want it too scratched up, just some worn paint around joints...
    eyes and chest light up as well.





    Thanks for looking !
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  2. NitroTech

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    Looks amazing! I have one of these as well, yours is very inspiring. How'd you create the limb details? Do you have any more pics constructing them?
  3. JediMichael

    JediMichael Sr Member

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    After seeing Avengers:AoU this weekend, I think this is pretty well done. From the rough cut up pieces to the final pose. Very nice.
  4. buckettt

    buckettt Well-Known Member

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    thank you....nothing too fancy....used some fast setting epoxy and bendable rods to position and set the pose....and then used some slow setting epoxy to fill-in / sculpt the elbows and knees......( plumbing section of hardware store usually has the longer tubes of epoxy for about 6 bucks )
  5. Wayne R.

    Wayne R. Well-Known Member

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    Love it. It's just sad that the Marvel action figures are losing more and more articulation with every movie. The latest versions of the 12" ones look like they should have kid's shampoo in them.
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  6. CB2001

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    I've seen both the Marvel Universe versions of their action figures, both the multiple points of articulation and the basic figures (the basic figures you typically can find at Dollar General and Family Dollar). But I agree with you, the articulation to most of them are slowly being less and less. You'd have better luck customizing one and using an el-cheapo 12-inch soldier action figure from Big Lots as the base.
  7. kruleworld

    kruleworld Well-Known Member

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    nice work on making the toy into a decent display piece.
  8. Halliwax

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    that came out great! the pose is perfect for the hulk match up
  9. Jedi Dade

    Jedi Dade Sr Member

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    I'm thinking that you could make a small fortune selling the redone joints... I was looking at that toy and said to myself - "It's cool but redoing all the joints would suck."

    Your build is pretty awesome though.

    Jedi Dade

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