HULKBUSTER...7 WEEK CHALLENGE! (cardboard build)

Johnny Darko

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Hey to all,
after looking through so many amazing iron man builds for a few months, I've decided that i would challenge myself & have a crack at building the new Hulkbuster armour in 7 weeks! in time for the annual 'Sci Fi by the sea' convention.
I'm gonna use artistic licence, but keep in many of the key features as possible.
I've been studying lots of builds & have been especially impressed with the 'Prizmatec' Hulkbuster, which I'm sure many of you have seen
View attachment 472676
so the idea is to achieve something close to this monster!
I shall be asking for plenty of hints & tips I'm sure, so feel free to impart your words of wisdom when I'm struggling, screaming at various scrapped, stamped on pieces of card & pulling my hair out!

this is what i have thus far, I'm not following any patterns, just using plenty of pictures & going by eye(as per usual for me)
DSC_0305.jpg DSC_0307.jpg DSC_0311.jpg
first picture is upside down...grr!
the suit should work out to stand about 7~8 feet tall.
I'm working on the feet & have seen many large builds with hinged this necessary?... will it impede walking greatly? also...should i fill out the large voids inside with foam or expanding foam?

Johnny Darko

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hey all,
progress!?...a little, set myself an impossible task?...probably! but I'm still going, giving it my best shot, only 4 weeks to go...eek!
why i set myself this task is beyond me lol, after work & family life, i end with a couple of hours each night(if I'm not completely knackered!)
the actual building process would be quicker & easier with actual plans, but i will insist on doing things from scratch, i guess there's something satisfying in driving my self insane, knee deep in cardboard off cuts & countless mugs of tea.
the whole cardboard, paper mache process is very long winded & not as slick as foam or fiberglass builds, its very dated indeed.
well, this is what i have up to now, its pretty large & im having trouble finding places to store this build(and without the wifey threatening to cut me nads off! aarrgghh!)
many hours & a few late nights just in these few pieces, plus one earthquake!!... YES! we had an actual earthquake in England! WOW!
comments welcomed as well as any spare cardboard you may have laying about, this thing eats it like its going out of fashion!
DSC_0318.jpg DSC_0320.jpg DSC_0324.jpg DSC_0321.jpg

Johnny Darko

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greetings to all:)
well....another week has flown out the window, its going so quickly...AAARRRGGGHHH! i feel many a sleepless night coming in an attempt to get anywhere near to finishing this bohemoth on time!
so, i tackled the back & helmet, had to do some jiggery pokery on a few bits to even out the proportions, think its looking reasonable?... comments welcomed.
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well, i had just written like a whole page more, but i keep getting logged out & losing everything I've written....which is soooo damn annoying!!! how do i stay logged in? please!
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