Hulk Bust your opinion's

Supa troop

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Hey Guy's

I really like this and thinking about purchasing it, but before i do i want to make sure i don't make the same mistake i did with an IronMan Bust

It states that its a Handmade, non-factory produced unpainted resin cast

Height: 33 cms
Width: 31 cms
Depth: 22 cms

is it made by anyone here

Hmmmm...i'm not sure......i kind of like it, but he looks more someone at chucking out time from a Glasgow pub......

(I'm Glasweigian, i'm allowed to say that!)

It looks more like Solomon Grundy to me now that you mention it. The expression looks good but he seems kinda skinny for the hulk.
Sorry, I had to chuckle at the thread title. Hulk bust your opinions. Hulk smash puny opinions!
Do you maybe have pics of it from different angles?
Im a hulk fan, and artist. Its a good sculpture, but i agree with them. Its not the hulk. Shape is all wrong. Hulk isn't one of those characters that you can just take any big guy and paint him green, he has a specific look that if it's not done right you lose the feel of the hulk.
But that's just my opinion. If you like it, get it.
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