Hufflepuff Cup & Mad Eye Moody Flask


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OK so today I received the new Noble Collection Hufflepuff Cup and Mad Eye Moody's flask. Upon opening them I was pleasantly surprised, unlike the Artefact boxes, they both are very nice pieces especially at the price they are offered.

The only thing negative to me is the Hufflepuff cup has a hole in it. Is it supposed to? And by a hole I mean, like a dribble glass, a hole straight in from the side but it is directly in the front of the cup. I don't see it on the pic of the screen used one. And I thought if it was from how they cast it, wouldn't you put it in the back? I also know they state not to use for drinking so you might do it to stop that from happening but still why put it in the front? So did anyone else get one yet? If so are they all like this? I'm confused or maybe it's curious. I included some pics below ....


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I received mine today as well. I have been on a Harry Potter kick as of late. I also ordered and received the Murauder's Map, Tom Riddle Diary, and Sirius Black wand. These were all incredible items, very well done and satisfying.

The Hufflepuff Cup is excellent. At first I was concerned about the size but upon watching the scene again it seems to be right on. It is heavy and yes, mine has the hole. I think they want to be sure you do not drink from it because it may be coated with some harmful chemical or metal.

The Moody flask is great also. I was a little disappionted that it was plastic. However, this was off set with the fact that the lid opens with a spring loaded button on the backside.

Just need to get my Deluminator thing-a-ma-bob and I am set.



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I have numerous things I asked for for Christmas, so I'll have to wait to get the cup. I don't really want Moody's flask that much. I'm dying to get the cup though! It looks amazing. I just watched a video review on it and its beautiful! I think having a hole in it is kind of dumb though. but I guess it is to prevent people from using as drink ware. It should at least be in the back though instead of the front where its noticeable.


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I received the flask today, too. I'm not terribly impressed, but I think it's more about how lightweight the flask feels than the construction or painting. It looks great in my case. However, the spring is really wonky on the post. Anyone else have that problem?

BMM, I'd contact them about that hole, it doesn't look right at all. Is the cup metal? Plated? Heavy?


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Yea, I got my Moody flask today (after getting his wand yesterday, I'm so glad I got their older version of that wand, with out the metal bands on it). I like it. I'm going to be using it mainly for costuming, so I'm not to disappointed about the weight. I doubt I'll be drinking from it, but I've washed it out regardless, just in case.


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I got the cup, the flask, and a few other things for christmas. I've got the hole in the cup as well, very frustrating how Noble just does stupid **** like that all over the place, but at least it isn't TERRIBLY noticeable. I was disappointed in the color too. You can't comfortably drink out of the flask, you'll spill water all over your self. I was disappointed how cheap it was, but JUST as a display piece, it works fine. I'm very impressed with the deluminator for the most part. After a let my mom tear that woman Patty a new a-hole about the artifact boxes arriving four months late, they must have me on a "be nice to these people" list. The deluminator wasn't supposed to ship until January 30, but it got here like a week before Christmas.


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Not really, it's not watertight, by that I mean it doesn't seal at the top when it's closed.

Have you tried adding a cork or rubber layer gasket to the flask lid?
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I saw someone on ebay trying to sell one saying it was screen used with the hole in it. They said the hole was because they were all tied together in the vault scene. If it was a fake then I have to give them credit for at least a creative answer for the hole. Personally I like to believe Hufflepuff was just a jokester and made a dribble glass :)


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I saw that auction too, very interesting. However theirs was apparently made out of some hard plastic and looked very "stunt" like. Maybe it's a cast of the noble one? Or maybe the hole is there on some of the originals? Not sure!

I ordered the cup a few days ago. It looks impressive in the photos and a few videos i've seen. Decent display piece for the price anyways! At least it's not really plagued with the dreaded TM :D

Also personally I'd prefer not to drink out of a horcrux lol

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Still need to make a BIG order with Noble.. These are on the list..

As for the hole, if I am correct in saying, the hole was used on Screen Used Stunt Versions as they put string or something through the holes and connected a heap of Cups so they would stay together in a bunch instead of going everywhere..


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Got the cup today, pleasantly surprised with it. It's smaller than I thought it would be for some reason. The entire box fit into my mailbox. It's heavy and seems to be made of good materials. As for the shine, I think it's pretty nice, as it resembles the one seen in the Pages to Screen book. It does have some darker accents around the raised design parts which is a nice touch, that can be seen on the original as well (and it's not overdone and looks natural). Overall this is probably my favorite item i've bought from Noble.

Great replica for a great price


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Can someone who has the cup prop possibly post a few measurements for me? They are impossible to get in Australia without paying your life in shipping costs so I'm going to be insane and try making it but I need some sizes. Diameter of the top, height, handle height, stem height etc. I've included a diagram of the measurements I need the most but if you want to include more then please do and just be clear what they are. I'd be really grateful to anyone willing to do this for me. Sadly I have little money to spend on props but enough time to try a few and this is one I want more than most.

It's probably an epic task but if someone can make a full sized replica of the pedestal (with the owl on it) that Dumbledore uses to address everyone then I should be able to do this. I'll at least try.

Ali B.

Hufflepuff Cup Measurements.png
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