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    Wanted to share my HTPC Gonk heavily inspired by Chris Bartlett's Gonk costume

    I simply placed a Node 304 pc inside the Gonk, legs are 2" thick maple dowel set in 2" holes cut in some 2x4's for feet. Acrylic 1/2" base for stability. Top of dowels is a screwed in plywood sheet that the pc sits on. The lighting was done from a molex connection on the PC and a Logisys 12v remote control unit. 470ohm resistors for each candle flicker leds wired in parallel, then a cheap eBay 12v sound activated unit leading to the 12v blue led in the eye. HTPC controlled via remote with Flirc and the lights on/off with the small logisys remote. Changed XBMC skin folder sounds to extra loud Gonk.wav file sounds with Audacity. Gonk!

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    Funny. Great idea for making it practical to have in the house.

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