Howie's Random Star Trek WIP

Howard Day

New Member
Hello! Lately I've been working on a buuunch of Star Trek work - all sort of nonsense. It started with trying to figure out how to do a TMP-TUDC eras warp effects in 3dsmax and Vray, without doing a ton of passes and post work. I had some success with that:
And then I moved onto trying to duplicate the pearlescent painting effects on the classic TMP Enterprise refit. I figured out an *extremely* hacky and fake method that against all reason seems to work really well. The results of that work is in the video above as well.

Next, I messed around with trying to do the same thing with the Cloaking effect of a Klingon Warbird - All done in one pass, in camera, using VRay in MAX:

Then I started working on an awesome ship, originally made by Mike Hanson, the USS Arges:
Doing a higher detail and material mesh rebuild. Here's the result of that, in animation form and some 8K renders:

Now, I'm working on a 3dmodel version of Bill Krause's awesome Shangri-La! Here's the current progress on that:
And some of the wireframe work:
For those unfamiliar, here's Bill's original model:
I'm going to finish her up and maybe do a Spacedock launch sequence. I also want to work with Diogo's awesome Atlantis:

Thanks for taking a look, and enjoy!

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