Howard Studios 1/1 Terminator bust finished


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I just completed this for our own member Billy1974. It didn't come with the rest of the Endo eye, so that part is unfinished. He will add it later.
What do you think?



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Hey, that's mine :D . Amazing,amazing job Steve. Steve is a great guy, and he works FAST.. I highly recommend him if your looking to get anything painted....but wait a few days, so he can get my stuff done :lol . Can't wait to get it Steve :thumbsup . Bill


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Damn, Steve :thumbsup . Your work just keeps getting better and better.

You've really got that flesh tone thing down B)



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Thanks guys for the kind words. I finally have a good method of doing flesh tones.. A little bit of advice from my fellow artists helped me finally get that look I wanted. Also I invested in a good airbrush , no longer using that cheap aztec . :)


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Flesh tones do look better Steve.

FYI (to me) the human eye seems to cast down and to the right JUST a shade... Is that by intent, or am I not seeing it quite right...?