How was Vader's helmet modified from ANH to ESB to ROTJ

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One thing I was wondering about the ANH chest box is if it was sprayed silver first then the black was chipped away or if was just simply exposing white gel coat, now I understand that this is a helmet thread but its just one detail on the ANH Vader thats been nagging me.


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Here is Mike Warren's ROTJ, next to a GH ROTJ.



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Hi guys,

I just want to say that the amount of information in this thread is overwhelmingly invaluable. I'm a newbie when it comes to Vader helmets and the lineage differences, but I've been trying to do my research as I get more and more into props, coming from the statue collecting world. Seeing some Vader helmets on FB, instagram, and etsy has led my searches to this thread and all it's information, however confusing and coded it may be.

I don't have much value to add to this thread, however from an outsider's perspective I can say that it did help me determine where to seek out the best Vader helmets and where to avoid those selling helmets with questionable integrity (after I read the thread, did more research, and then re-read the thread to make sense of everything). I think it's important that these facts are put out there for others like myself who are simply looking to get a great ANH/ESB/ROTJ Vader helmet and who may not know what is a true lineage cast (Mike Warren DJ), what is a terrific artist's rendition (Quasimodo V2), and what is a re-caster (ShadowFX).

So thanks guys. My only recommendation would be for some better grammar and less abbreviations haha :)

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