how to...?


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look around a bit and you'll see different techniques,.....

half mask i see alot of just velcro to hold them on ,..
but a full face would call for magnets either imbedded in the latex,...or wherever you can hide them,....

but like i said,....look around there's alot already on here about damn near everything,....=)

good luck man =)


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what did you use for the bio to stay on the mask?

My Bio was light weight, strong and form fitting enough so I need nothing special to keep it on. It tuckes under the chin and has a lip that goes over the back of the pred latex head - so its good and nug.

I think the bigger question is - what the heck do you do with your masks when you've got them off? I've put mine on a shoulder with concealed clips - and some hung others on a belt from D rings.

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