How to turn a microswitch in to an on-off switch?


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Hi, I am building something that I want to use this style of Arcade buttons on.

They come with a clip in microswitch like this

The trouble is that I want to use these buttons for the on-off switch and this style of micro switch only works when the button is pushed down. Does anyone know of a similar micro switch that is the latching type that will just drop in, or a way of still using the existing one to work the way I want. I would really appreciate any help or advice you guy's can offer.


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This type of switch is known as a "momentary switch" because it only activates when pressure is on the switch. You want a "locking switch" which requires a press to activate and a separate press to deactivate.

I'm not an electronics guy, so I can't really provide hardware sources for a replacement switch, but I assume that you could pick one up at a local electronics parts store, or maybe the seller of the button/switch combo can direct you? It shouldn't be too difficult to source.


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Actually it's called a latching switch, not locking.

What you want is a momentary to latching circuit. Pololu Robotics and Electronics makes these so they are often just called a pololu by those in the custom lightsaber building/collection community. You can buy them from or from The Custom Saber Shop. TCSS has two different voltage versions for sale. 2.5v to 7v and 4.5v to 20v .


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Thanks for the replies but I need them to be 220v:( I could use normal push on-off switches but I am fitting them in different colored Acrylic cabinets and would like the buttons to match.


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like explained before latching microswitches are difficult to find but instead of the DC latching relay you can use a "teleruptor"
it's like a toggle switch but controlled by a relay.
the other solution is to build a little electronic circuit. It's not really easy but possible (transformerless AC/DC power supply with AC capacitor + zener diode + D flip flop cell like HEF4013 + triac) but in that case you need to know what you want to control (the load power) and the electronic parts will be connected to the live voltage so the safety is a really important thing.
another thing is the vailable space in your "something" case ;)


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Hi Andy,

I don't know if you have solved your issue with the switch shown above, but without knowing how the "bottom of the button"
pushes on the micro switch (type and size of plunger), maybe with a little ingenuity you can adapt/glue a different style/type of
push on - push off switch to the bottom of the blue button it self?

Let the plunger of the switch push down on a switch that is a "push on / push off type".

View attachment 480716

Just a thought.