How to print suit pattern?


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Hello. How do I print a suit pattern? I am new to suit making and I recently decided to make a Tobey Maguire Spider-Man suit. I try to print it but it is very small on one piece of paper. What do I do? Thanks for the help gang.
If you're asking how to print it on paper at home; you can open the file in adobe reader/acrobat and select tile from the print menu. You'd then have to tape or glue all the pages together.

This, from stopmo, is the preferred method when a website offers printable patterns. Some sites pre tile the image as multiple pages in a zip file. The process is the same after they are printed. Usually corner marks are provided. Make sure your printable area preset matches that of the original and that you do not have any zoom/shrink to fit turned on. Most of this will be in the adobe pdf how-to.

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