How to paint flexible mannequin ?

Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by carves, Feb 3, 2006.

  1. carves

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    After waiting for a good period of time and paying considerable amount of money for my flexible mannequin, finally I got it, ready to dress it up with my ST armor.

    However, upon opening the box, I got really dissapointed :cry
    The flexible mannequin came in in ORANGE color :angry , instead of black color I ordered.

    Since it would be insane for me to return this for an exchange since I'm living outside the US. I decide to just paint it black. Now, is there any suggestion how to paint this thing ? The material I think it's foam like stuff. I thought that painting it Krylon flat black would do the trick ?

    Help help .....
  2. hansicle

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    I would wonder if any solvent's in a canned spray paint might attack the foam and dissolve it... not sure, but what about a fabric paint of some sort, you know it would be flexable enough. Just a thought.
  3. carves

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    That's the other concern for me using a Krylon spray paint, but I have not tought about fabric color. I was also thinking of using water color paint, but dont know if the color will stick of not.

    Maybe I will give that fabric color a try....

    Thanks for the tip thou.


    MR BARLOW Well-Known Member

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    Dont use reg Krylon .................
    The oil in it will dissolve the foam .

    There are vinyl spray paints , basically like plastidip. Ive seen them in black/clear/white . Check your hardware stores, but definately test an area before coating the whole thing.

    Is your body suit opaque enough to cover the orange form underneath ??
    Maybe you could double up with a second bodysuit

    B :)
  5. jedistine

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    How about wrapping it with fabric? Like a mummy.
  6. rmschneider104

    rmschneider104 Sr Member

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    If it were me, I'd just put a body suit over him. I wouldn't risk damaging the mannequin.
  7. carves

    carves Well-Known Member

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    Thanks all for your suggestions.

    I have decided NOT to paint it with whatsoever, instead I just bought a 10 bucks worth of black body suit and just suit up the mannequin.

    It works perfectly.

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