How to paint a scope lens


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Greetings everyone, I've been commissioned to build and paint a project, and I have very little time to do it in. Instead of using my usual method to make scopes, I have to hurry and paint one up.
My question: Is there any way to give a flat surface the appearence of a reflective surface with the appearence of depth?


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whats already been said. You can also use clear tape or even super glue that dries clear. If you do super glue, make sure to test it on something else first. If it hazes or goes white, fizzles or becomes rough due to improper surface cleaning, your screwed.


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I've considered using epoxy, but from past experiences epoxy clouds up over time. I think I'll give Garlic's suggestion a try.


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If you're using just plain old epoxy glue, yeah. You need to used the right kind of epoxy that's made for this.


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could you use a piece of clear acetate cut to size over a black base?

it would give a perfectly shiny non haze later on look.



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I used a peace of clear acetate with a circle of mylar film from electronic wrapping pressed in behind it..goes silver when theres no light..add an led and itl shine what ever color your led is when on.

its quick to make as well.


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Go to Michaels and get the clear casting resin. I think on the can it is shown for clear coating table tops. Works like a charm. One thing though. Once you pour it, use a small torch to gently swipe across the surface to pop the air bubbles.


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Using the static bags sound like a great idea, unfortunately I can't use them for this project.
Another detail that I should have added is that this particular scope is pretty shallow and I think putting on any kind of surface will make it bulge too far out of the socket. I usually put on a lense on my scopes but I'm gonna have to stick with paint this time around.