How To Make A Plastic Sword Blade?


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I may have asked this before (I'm getting old)...

But I'm going to do this. First thought is to just bend two lengths of styrene over a steel rod, such that the styrene creates a diamond cross-section. But the blade is flat in the middle, plus you have the channel up the center (what's it called) that deals with blood.

Maybe two rods in parallel?

Hilt will be PVC-based, so even a 1" to 1.5" diamter PVC pipe would allow a .75" to 1" separation between the rods (if the rods are semented in along the inside walls of the pipe).




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Do you intend to strike this against another sword or just a display/cosplay? Have a look at Poly-carbonate. Many members of the Rebel legion who dress as Jedi use polycarb tubes for their "combat" lightsabre blades. This stuff is strong and can take a pounding. It does scratch easy though but can be shaped with regular hand tools.


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This idea may be a bit more complicated, but how about building it in parts? Build one side of the blade by making a two prism form out of styrene then joining them together by a thick strip of styrene where you can glue thin pieces of styrene in a concave fashion to the edges of the prism. The blade point can be made similarly.
Another idea is to create a clay buck of one side of the sword, and vacuform two pieces from that.
A third idea would be to go to a place that sells display swords and make a casting out of one of the blades that you fancy.

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