How to fix a torn dread???


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One of the dreads on my Predator 2 mask is torn and is about to break off. Wondering if anyone knows how this can be fixed??? Can the foam dread be glued with superglue where it is ripping?? They are Bambooie dreads by the way. Thanks in advance for the help.

Mr Fett

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You should be able to superglue it. After all, you use superglue on the ends to attach them to latex undermasks, right? Should hold good enough where the rip is. Then you can cover the tear area with a dread ring.


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Should work...

And I don't super glue my dreads... I simply slice a hole through the mask about half the width of the dread and then push the dread through the slit (which I spread open with needle nose pliers) until it pops through. Pull out the pliers and that turd aint goin' anywhere... Glue-Free! You can literally tug on them and they will probably tear before they pull out...


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I used superglue to fix my Bambooie dreds to my resin cast head, so it should work on latex as Mr Fett suggested. Will never be as strong as the original so make sure any tugging is confined to other dreds. If it's possible it might be a good idea moving this one to a less prominent position. Obviously you'll need to choose one of similar length.


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I used contact adhesive on one of my old masks, do a test 1st as the foam may react to it, but after i coud barely see the seem and it didnt leave a hard line like superglue.

just another option
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