How to do suspended-in-air hair?

Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by PrimoOptimoso, Oct 25, 2011.

  1. PrimoOptimoso

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    Hey all. This year's Heroes and Villains at our place, and while our daughter is going to be Bubbles from the PowerPuff Girls, her mom has decided to be the villain Sedusa (from the PPG show)!

    She's already finished the costume - a fantastic ensemble that for once didn't require any scratch construction! - but we need help on the hair.

    Here's Sedusa and her hair. Obvious reference look to Medusa's snakes, but it's all just hair. We want to get Freckles's hair to do that!


    Any ideas?
  2. Tray

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    Bed Bead makes some pretty good hair products that should hold her hair in any shape or form she will need. Not sure exactly which one though.
  3. SSgt Burton

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    I think the hair product would have to be pretty strong (like white glue strong) to hold a shape like that.

    Holding its shape also has to do with how long your wife's hair is, whether it is coarse or fine, and curly or straight.

    Coarse, curly hair is probably going to hold the shape better than thin pin straight hair, however in any case the amount of product (and superduper strong hair spray that will be necessary) will make her hair feel like she is wearing a helmet.

    Maybe try a mixture of sugar and water? I used to know a guy who had a punkrock hairstyle (like 15" long spikes) and I think this is what he said he used.

    Personally I would go with a wig that you can go to town on with the hairspray, to get the look you want to acheive.

  4. PrimoOptimoso

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    well she already has the long black hair so it'd be a shame to have to use a wig. One thing we were thinking of was an internal support structure. I was thinking like a plastic headband with lengths of wire coming off it; she was actually thinking of wrapping her hair around crazy-straws. Either of those sound plausible, or done before?
  5. GeneralFROSTY


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    Got2b Glued is the strongest stuff I have every tried, it's what a lot of the punk and goth guys and gals use to get their hair to defy gravity.
    I use it on stage when I style my Pompadour since it not only holds the look like glue, but won't be affected by the stage lights as pretty much any gel would be melted by them.
    The trick is to put it in your hair when it is VERY lightly damp and have a hair dryer handy.
  6. slimesquare

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    2nd that....got2b glued holds up for days if you dont wash it out, my cousin used it on his spiked mo-hawk and each spike was about 8 inches long, it held up very well
  7. Finhead

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    When I sported my 9" spiked hair the best longest lasting product was Gelatine. Cheap easy to use and held like nothing else, best part is you just wash it out with hot water. ;) Should be able to get it at any grocery store Knox Gelatine.
  8. VinnyboyXI

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    Hey Primo,

    With this stuff you can literally make your hair do ANYTHING.

    It's very strong so you don't have to use a lot.

    You can buy it pretty much anywhere they sell hair stuff.
  9. PrimoOptimoso

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    Wow - thanks all, will definitely scout out some of this stuff at the store!
  10. Cal

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    Pipe cleaners?
  11. SChristides

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    I've known people to support hair with wire inside a plait in the past, it wasn't overly long however. Maybe 6-7" or so.
  12. Zlurpo

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    A guy at my high school had 15" spikes in his hair, he used Elmer's Glue.

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