How to disassemble a Luke ESB Force FX Saber?

My clashing sound doesn't work anymore.
It is not under warranty, so I can't send it back to MR.
My friend is good with electronics, so if I can get it apart, it may get fixed.


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I just recently did this myself. I will tell you right now, Ive taken apart a lot of stuff, This was the biggest pain in the butt I have ever handled. If someone else doesnt come along, I can give you pointers, but it might be easier if they had pictures.



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I hope this isn't considered a hi-jack but I thought it was better than starting a new thread.

I need to disassemble my Luke ESB FX saber, too. The top cluster of LED's have gone out and it appears to be a matter of re-soldering a connection. However I have never tried to take it apart and was wondering if any of you saber experts could please give me some info on how to proceed with this. Thank you in advance for your time guys.


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good luck trying to fix the clash sounds

I have had several luke esb sabers apart tried to fix my self

if it is the lights ,no problem as you state it is most likely a solder conection

as far as the board goes ,if there is no sound (imho) there is no hope of fixing it

the biggest part of disassembly is drilling the rivets, there is no way around it. after that, take out the top screw then there is long knurl post (oval detail) that must be pulled.
both buttons must be carefully pryed off then there is a screw underneath.
you now have to remove the threaded sleeve and the battery sleeve
from the pommel end. carefully slide the blade through the back of the saber

now the electronics dissassembly........

do this simmilarly in that order........

I'll post pics sometime (I have said that for a few months now)

but really , I will


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Thank you, defleshjedi. This was exactly what I needed to start with this repair. If I have more questions I will post them here. But you've given me a great start. Much appriciated. :D


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*Robot voice* Disassemble?. Nooooo disassembllle.. *Robot voice*


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