How To Destroy Your Prized Props


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Agreed Gregatron, they are not exact to say the Jein hero but I suspect lots of differences between the 4 hero's so we may be close to at least one of them :). And yours is a great build, I did mine a little dirty with brushed paint and such. Here's a few pics of my mess.

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Turned out great!

And this is another one of those classic “idealized versus set-accurate” situations—I went with a sprayed paint that I buffed smooth, while you went with the more authentic route of brushed paint.

The fact of the matter is that, despite protestations to the contrary, Long’s shells were too…er…long, and the shape was a bit off. Sporak’s shells (which were a heavy reworking of the old 23rd Century Pistol kit, as I recall) were specifically designed to fit the Long P1, since more accurate P2 shells (like Rob’s) wouldn’t fit it.

Of course, Rob’s shells didn’t exist at that point. If they had, I would have much preferred his. Ah, well.

It’s interesting to compare my Shanko midgrade to my Sporak/Long hero, too. The shells are similar, but the differences are notable. Pretty darn close to the Wand replica, too.

And should I mention the (likely) Shanko shells and Lussier metal which were used to build the forged auction “hero” of 2021…?


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Well, this is not a good sign for the new year…

Did I come across an original, screen-used Star Trek Phaser One that was taken home by a Paramount employee, and abused by their children?

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Nope…this is what happens when you are transporting props in a neglectful way.

In this case, I was rotating some props and books from my office into storage. The hero phaser was sitting on a stack of books that I was carrying down into the basement, with all the care of a caveman with a pile of sticks…in a state of mental impairment, I misjudged a step, stumbled slightly, and watched the phaser slide off of the books that I was holding and crash onto the remaining steps and then onto the basement floor, essentially cracking and shattering. The dislodged internals make a nice rattle and the shattered fiberglass body is a wonder to behold (The acrylic half round and front emitter plate are only temporarily in-place for the pictures.).

Well, this restoration will be my first project for 2023. The original build was designed to look slightly screen-used but not THIS screen-used.

Look upon my disgrace and let my stupidity be a life lesson for everyone. Handle your props with the care that they deserve.

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Permatex black plastic welder does a great job on fiberglass and plastic; it should come in handy for repairs to your phaser.
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Didn't the android Ruk in the TOS episode "What are little girls made of" destroy a phaser with his (its??) hands. Or it was some other super strong dude

Mark your phaser referencing that episode
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