How to crackle plexi in a certain way? HHYYOOOJJJJJ pics.


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Been giving this piece a lot of research lately and while it looks like a fairly easy build... those cracks in the stone are going to be hell to make.

I know rubbing alcohol can crackle plexi pretty well, so I planned to do this in plexi rod, but I am kinda stumped on how to get that pattern...


Any helps appreciated :)

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Awesome, now is it possible to make it crack in a certain way or is it always going to be completely random?

I really just want those deep cracks seen in the second pic, but damned if I know how to do that...

Well, ****. I didn't think of that :$

Sometimes the obvious sorta gets a little bit away from you when you have too many options going on in your head :lol

Guess I know what I am going to be doing this weekend!

Thanks for the help guys! This is why I love this board!
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