How to build a cheap vac-former?

Immortal Goat

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I was just wondering if anyone here has made their own vac-former table, and if so, how did you do it? What kind of materials are needed, what kind of budget are we looking at, and how do you use it?


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actually the most expensive part is the styrene.
ive got a link for a great cheap vac box, ill post in a second.


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my first one was just a wooden box with holes drilled in it,a hole to attach a shopvac attachment and a wooden frame to duct tape the styrene to. Heat the styrene on the frame to fit in your oven and youre set.

Immortal Goat

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Wow, that was quick. Thanks for all the responses. When I get home tonight from work, I'll check out the directions in more detail. Thanks again.