How to best attach fiber optic cable to surface of skin suit (polyester)


New Member
Hi All,

I want to attach a thin fiber optic cable which is bassically plastic to a skin suit (polyseter) I'm looking for idea's, glues, methods of how to do this.

The fiber will be lit with a laser so there are issues using certain glues as it affects the optical properties.

You may want to investigate a sewing technique called couching. It allows you to attach a cable or cord to the top (or underside) of a fabric with small stitches that zigzag over the cable. If you match the color to the cable and keep the stitch width narrow it will be difficult to see the thread as it crisscrosses over the cable. This can be hand-sewn or machine sewn. This allows a very flexible means of attachment. It also is easy to remove or move the cable around if your needs (or the fabric) changes.

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