How the original Star Wars lightsaber was created (video)

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    It's amazing how for years on this board, we (collectively) have debated about the OT sabers. As far as we knew/know, the Hero Obi-Wan was long gone, lost, disassembled, etc.

    OK everyone; freeze frame at 0:53. Which sabers are on the table? Looks like resin Obi-Wan sabers (or possible ROTJ Luke) with a ? Vader.

    He picks up an ESB Luke, but is that the original D-ring assembly/ bracket?

    Now, the Saber with the dueling rod that Laela hands him... which is that? It looks like a Graflex Luke, but with a black Vader band/clamp?
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    ...a Graflex camera flash? They expect us to believe that was what they used for a lightsaber? Nice try.

    I'll be happy to help anyone who was misled by this nonsense by taking those bogus "props" off their hands for them.
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