How much is this latex Bat emblem worth?


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I have seen these being sold for up to $40 -$50 but I have no idea if this is worth that much.

I upgraded the emblem on my life size to a resin version.


Any help would be appreciated as I plan on throwing it in the JY.
Thanks! I forgot the measurements and don't have a ruler handy, but it is full size as compared to the screenused emblem (one of which I own).
In that condition I'd say about $20 to $25 max. Also from the looks of it it's urethane, not latex. (and there's a good chance it originated in my shop, I've did a few like that as experiments and probably gave them away to someone on the BOTB). If it was latex it would have more rounded edges and would probably be more warped looking.
All the best.
Thanks for that info. If you made it, you did a terrific job. The paint is applied neater than a lot of the other emblems you see.

I am keeping on the cowl I am selling for now, but I really appreciate everyone's comments!
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