How much does pepakura weigh?


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Hey guys,

I'm in the planning stages of a large costume and one of the materials I'm considering building it from is pepakura, but weight is a concern.

I was wondering if anyone could tell me what something like an Iron Man helmet weighs after you've finished coating it in resin, and if that is with or without fiberglass reinforcement.

If you don't have a helmet handy, anything else would be fine as long as I can get a general idea of how much surface area it has so I can scale that up to my project to estimate the weight.

Also if you wouldn't mid telling me what sort of paper you used to do the pep, as I would likely be using some kind of heavy card stock if I go that route.


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You should use card stock of at least 110lbs. Easily obtained at Walmart for about 5 bucks a ream (500 sheets) The weight of the suit will depend on how you harden it. Resin and fiberglass will make it strong without adding a lot of weight.