How much do you think I should sell my Gaffi stick for?

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I'm not sure what the most appropriate place was to post this, but the Prop Replicas section didn't seem appropriate. This is made from a real replica Fiji Totokia that Tom Spina sourced in the late 90s or very early 2000s. Whatever local wood they used is HARD AS HELL. I took me an hour to drill a 6" deep hole in it. I followed his instructions, so the blades are actually glued on with fake GOOP welds, and aren't entirely accurate. I *think* when I bought this is was around $400 just for a wall decoration, so I'm thinking maybe $800? I'm not sure if that's too high, but the RR version is selling for $1200, and personally I think this Totokia is way neater looking.
THIS IS NOT A SALE THREAD! I can post in the Junkyard, so I'm just looking for opinions on what I can sell it for.

Here's a few pics:





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