How many layers of latex?


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I made my own muscle suit with a duct tape dummy, and a stretch shirt and yoga pants. I spray glued upholstery foam to the suit for muscles, and I'm currently latexing the skin. I'm on layer #3 and using a sponge brush to apply the latex. I'm not caking it on too heavily, but it still seems very thin for 3 layers. I've read some places say to not put more than 3-5 layers, and I need it to be pretty thick in spots to cover up some seaming. Any advice?
I would go no less the 5. And I would tint the last 2 the color u plan on the skin being. As well as make sure u use prosaide before u paint it. If u dont he paint will separate from the latex when u begin to sweat. I found that out the hard way.
I was told by several FX experts that I just needed to mix acrylic paint with the latex to paint the base coat, and then I could just paint normal acrylic with an airbrush over the top of it after that.. hmmm. So, no less than 5 layers, and tint the last two layers.. got it!
I hit layer 6 (last 3 were tinted) on my Mr. Incredible suit and the color beneath is still showing. Despite the color bleed through, 5-6 feels like good coverage.
I need to cover up some seams I created when I overlapped some fabric. How do I get it thick enough to cover those lines so you can't see them?
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