How i draw a Predator for YouTube


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Hi together.
I finally made my first pencil drawing for youtube. I chose to draw a Predator, because this caracter had a huge influance in my life. This project was also a challange, i wanted to see how i can work under time pressure. From the art side, it was also experience to set up a timelap properly. As a bonus, i chose to give the video my own created music from 2013. So please feel free to tell me what you think. Who else has experiance on timelap his pencil work? And who else was drawing a predator before?

I Used:

3 Pencils 2H / 2B / 4B
Smothe Stick
Letter 70LB from Canson

For Time Lap: Canon 700D with 1/30s f10 every 4 seconds

cheers Daniel Kovács

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