how i delt with my lenses fogging

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    I know this was a problem for a lot of people, including myself. This was my first build so I was nervous about my lenses fogging under my scarlet costume. below are pictures of how I solved it.

    I bought a square of memory foam from Wal-Mart that was an inch thick. It cost under ten dollars, and glued it into my face shell so that my breath could not go anywhere except out the mouth holes I drilled. This was super effective and I didn't have to do anything to my lenses. It also added some comfort.

    Any other questions let me know. Hope this helps some other new builders!

    Here is my first build! it was taken at Calgary Expo

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    Thanks for the idea! I'm in the process of putting a Spidey project together, and find myself torn on the "lens" question. Mesh-only is tempting for the superior vision it provides, but adding the clear plastic really elevates the aesthetics to another level. And reviews on anti-fogging sprays are pretty tepid as far as their reliability. It doesn't help that the placement of the plastic "above" the mesh means that it would be impossible to cleanly apply the anti-fogger to the interior side of the plastic since the mesh would be in the way.

    So this might be a good solution. There's still the potential problem of fogging that occurs when you move from the warm indoors to the cooler outdoors, but I imagine that would fade after a bit.
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    I should have mentioned that I do have plastic lenses with a white "dotted" pattern. The one morning it did snow and then later on in the day it was plus 20 (thats canada for you) And I do believe it did fog when i entered the building because of the temp. change like you said, but it did go away in a few minutes. Similar to how it would on glasses.
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    Suit turned out great buddy! Thanks for sharing your tip :)
    SirWilly77 - depending on the style of lenses you use, you can have the mesh sandwiched between 2 layers of plastic
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