How far has George sold out???


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I'm not sure if anyone has written about this yet, but I just saw a Star Wars commercial for Brisk Ice Tea. I can understand merchandising, but this is a bit too far. I thought Jar Jar was bad enough, but if this keeps up we might have have to deal with a 3D version of the movies with even more changes... Oh wait!


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Link? I dunno. I really liked the Rocky Brisk tea commercials. If it has Jar Jar in it...that is where I draw the line in the sand. Don't Jar Jar Moo's Brisk tea baby.


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Why do we always worry about how other people make money?

Lucas was smart enough to get the rights for Star Wars in lieu of some of his payment back in 76/77, he took a huge risk. So more power to him...

In all honesty, I do wonder how a merchandising deal like this might actually work. Is Lucas truly making a quick buck? Or is this more along the lines of advertise my 3D movie coming out?


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Seriously? The guy who bought you your childhood memories and all you can do is ***** about him. Without George this place wouldn't have half the props we do. If he wants to put yoda's face on toilet paper.... So what, it's his yoda. If you don't like it don't buy it.


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Yeah, then there's R2 in the commercials for the Verizon phones...
Then the kid in the Darth Vader commercials...
Then Vader with the batteries...
Then Yoda cup of noodles...

It goes on and on.

What can you say? He created the golden cow and he's going to milk it for every last drop. :unsure The dood is a billionaire. Who can fault him?

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He really doesn't need the money, but would it be more a case of the advertisers seeking out permission from Lucas?

I mean surely he doesn't have to contact Verizon for example and ask if they want to use R2 for one of their commercials.

Or is it simply not liking your "heroes" being reduced to used car salesmen? :lol

Honestly I gave up on Star Wars a long time ago, so if I were to see Jar Jar in the latest Ford commercial (the new safety features will protect even an idiot like him)- I'd just roll my eyes and laugh.


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I don't think anyone has gotten such a sweet merchandising deal since Lucas did this. I don't mind the merchandising as I like movie tie-in toys for the most part but it's the movies that bug me.


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He may not need the money personally but he is trying to run a business. It's a very expensive operation and no source of revenue is to be sniffed at. I'll bag George for any number of reasons, but this really isn't one of them.

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I like the ads. Finally some fun with the movies. Will the George Lucas bashing ever stop?! This is hilarious. He can do what he wants.


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How many threads do we have up right now almost identical to this one?

We're all aware of the situation.


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How much direct involvement would he actually have in these ? Does he not have a merchandisng department to milk the property ?


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Please do not get me wrong... I believe he was the pioneer of the concept of movie merchandising. Possibly one of the most influential and imaginative people in media history. Beyond a shadow of doubt one of the people in this world I would most want to say, "Thank You" to, but how far can something be taken before it makes a mockery of a work of art? Nothing I have ever seen or read has ever has as much of an effect on my imagination as the Star Wars saga, and it just feels to me that some of these things just feel too cheesy. I don't even mind the Verizon commershial, but big headed Yoda and Darth Maul fighting over ice tea just seemed to demine something that means a lot to me. Wouldn't it be a better idea to offer its characters to something that offers some respect to the origin?? Especially sense money is not an issue? Or maybe I'm just making more of it than I should and soon we can all buy some limited edition Star Wars toilet paper?? Should I be excited to see such a mockery of something I love so?? You tell me.