how durable is rub n buff?


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question for those that have used this before how does it hold up to handling etc?

i've not used it yet and was wondering if it will wear off after time or can it be clear coated (i don't think so due to the wax)

thanks n advance



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It is more fragile than paint. But it can be clear coated. It takes a small amount of the metallic sheen away. I clear coated my Rocketeer helmet after using Rub N Buff. It's head up very well.


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I didn't think it could be clear coated:confused...I use it to weather e11's and they get handled a lot. It seems to wear very well, hardly any loss once the wax is fully hardened.


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thanks for the input guys,

maybe i could experiment with a clear coat, the thing i have in mind for it probably won't be handled that much but i don't like the idea of not being able to touch it without it coming off.

the online reviews i've read seem very positive about this stuff so fingers crossed.


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I used it on my Guardians of the Galaxy orb. I found that after a whole day of pulling it out of the bag and putting it back in that there were obvious worn spots on some of the bumps and ridges, but since I had painted it black underneath it wasn't super noticeable. I didn't clear-coat mine, as I had read multiple accounts stating that it dulled the finish badly (and ran out of time to experiment myself before the con). If it's something that's not going to be handled a lot (or rubbed against things, which I think was the main problem with my orb - the bag was pretty small so it was constantly rubbing against the opening every time I pulled it out for a photo) you should be fine - you can definitely touch it without it coming off if you've buffed it well enough to set it when you initially apply it.


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I use Mod Podge on some things I put it on, and it works pretty well. It does slightly change the sheen/texture, but it's not very noticeable except when seeing it up close or touching it.

Rattle Can

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Yay! A question I know about. I was a picture framer and rub 'n' buff was originally a product for touching up frames. It is made of wax, pigment, and an oily solvent. It never dries completely. Clear coat will lay on top of it, but will not bond to it. A lacquer-based clear coat will work best. No matter what you do, it will scuff easily. If you finish the prop and leave it on the shelf, you're O.K. But it will rub off otherwise.


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tried it out and its not too bad at all, it seems to dry very fast after application.

i have been looking at another product the armor modellers are using its called

AK true metal

same idea, you apply it with cloth, brush or airbrush, wait to dry then buff.

the brass looks impressive.
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