How do you preserve signatures on collectibles/props?


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Have a question about preserving signatures.

Specifically, is it a good idea to spray autographed collectibles with a matte clear coat of some kind?

I have a great auto-9 (although from part 3) recently signed by Peter Weller and would hate for it to rub off by accident down the road.

Is there a reliable archival process in existence or this just a bad idea?

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UV and cheap ink is your Foe…..

Found this


So, in order to keep your precious and valuable autographs in prime condition for as long as possible, here are the key things to keep in mind.

If possible, keep your autographs out of light, especially direct sunlight, but remember artificial light can damage them too. If you are displaying your collection, it’s best to display them in a room which does not receive a lot of sunlight. You should protect your collection by storing them in a UV-protective glass case or frame and investing in some UV-protective spray.

If you follow the simple steps provided in this guide, your prized autograph collection will remain in good health for many years to come.”….

Source: How to Protect your Autographs from Fading

You might find insightful hint’s in the article linked above…..if not specific to your concerns, at least in a general overall sense.


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Clear coats can cause the ink to run. Best to run tests on a similar substrate with the same marker used if possible. Make sure everything is compatible, even the paint on the airsoft. If in any doubt, don't! Best to just not handle the thing at all.

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