how do you frame your movie posters?

hellz manik

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Hello, im trying to get an idea of how to frame a movie poster, not just a standard black frame but something unique and different, any thoughts?

I have this exact coffee table and sometimes put posters under the glass top. But you are limited to posters that have similar dimensions of the table's.
Hellz, for me (here are some of mine) it starts with a great framer. I have a few friends in Vegas that are real artists. I am not talking about going to Micheals (not bashing them) but find a soild frame store and check out their work.


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Like this:

I originally had them up in our family room, and my wife said that I couldn't just put up posters, they had to look like works of art. So we framed 'em.

I found the frames at Hobby Lobby at a discounted price, then bought some framing mat and a mat cutter for that angle. It was kind of a pain, but once done very worth it.

Framing posters always makes them look more impressive than just a poster. I like the idea of the poster in that coffee table, but I can see how it would be hard to find ones with the right dimensions.
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