Peter Parke 67

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I want to make my own spider-man suit pattern but I've never done such a thing before. I am looking any type of tutorial, tips, forum for this type of stuff. Please don't hesitate to mention any kind of resource that might help.
Every suggestion is greatly appreciated!


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If you search for "body suit" patterns you will find several good resources. If you read through the following articles I think you will see get the general idea of how to approach the project. Cosplay Tutorial: Three Different Ways To Create Your Own Bodysuit and Designing a Spandex Supersuit.

If you are new to pattern making and construction using spandex I would suggest starting with a small project to test your pattern making and sewing skills. Something like a hood, glove, or leggings. You will probably end up making several practice pieces and mocks up before you are done.


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Make a duct tape dummy of yourself then you can make infinite customized patterns.

Lots of great tutorials online for this, bit then you can turn a 2d pattern into 3d.
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