How can you repair damage from normal wear on sealed and painted EVA foam suits?

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    I understand that EVA foam suits are "throw away suits" once they get tore up enough, but I am curious as to what can be done to fix areas that have sustained damages to the finish. I made an Iron Man suit a few years ago, and wore it to a few events and now I have areas where the paint has flaked off and even some areas where it is worn all the way down to the foam again. I attached a picture to show an area that describes what I mean below.

    How can one go about "covering up" this damage? This suit was originally done with the process of applying 6 coats of 50/50 Elmers glue to seal, 2 coats primer, 2 coats base paint, and 2 coats clear coat. I'd like to be able to restore it to better glory rather then just scrap the suit. Is there anything I can use to coat it and repaint it that would stick to the foam and also the remaining painted surfaces?



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    PVA glue will always crack as it's not a very flexible sealant. That is one of the reasons that Plastidip is preferred, since it will flex with the foam and extend the life of the costume.

    So really, your best bet is to either A.) repaint it and accept that you will have to do new paint every time you wear it for an extended period, or B.) remake the part and use Plastidip this time.

    Really though, foam is great because it's quick and cheap and easy, so trying to get some sort of "archival" use out of a foam costume is defeating the point.
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    Im ok with repainting it. But I'm not sure what steps to take since there are parts that are still painted and parts that are exposed. Do I try to PVA the exposed parts only, reprime and the. Repaint? Or do I look at trying to scrape all the paint off the whole thing and re-PVA and then reprime and paint again?
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    Use PVA glue sandable weatherproof,clear for example from Wickes shop then put it like 30% water and 70% glue. After 4 layers put in in 70% glue and only 30% few times so You will have strong caot. Then use 240 grid paper to sand it . then take brush with just a little bit wate and paint it so you will make surfase again but from the same glue cover. wait for dry and then use again 240 paper and use last time pva glue . After this paint by plastidip 4 times. I make time brake about 45-60 minutes every coat.
    Then put primer in cross way on every coat.
    After this your armo will be strong and flexible. But in area where your pieces are hiting for example in halo armor hands are hiting chest armor so always you have few places with damage.
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    2 words BATTLE DAMAGE. You can either opt for repainting it using the methods above or go with battle damage. Noones armor stays perfect forever, even the "real" Ironman. The foam is already damaged so use some silver paint to make it look like it is the bare metal showwing through. The armor can eventually transition into a Zombie version with holes and bits of flesh showing in various locations. Remember that this is all about having fun.
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