How can I turn epoxy yellow quickly

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by Buck Wild, Sep 10, 2015.

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    So here's my dilemma. I have this pin, it's your standard brass and epoxy dome pin, similar to campaign pins and the like. I want it to look aged and very yellow, but I want it to be natural.

    Epoxy yellows with age, heat, and UV exposure, but I'd prefer to not just leave this pin outside all day. Is there anything I can do to super speed up this process without ruining the pin itself? I know most people try to stop this process from happening, but I'm hopeful there's a way to make this change happen quickly and safely.

    I wanted to come to you guys before I just throw this thing in the oven and hope for the best and that it won't de-laminate or something horrible. I don't want to just marker over it or do anything cosmetic like that. I want the change to be as natural as possible, as quick as possible.
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    Hmm, not sure on that one. black light and a toster oven?
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    This is just a wild guess, but since bleach causes iron to oxidize quickly maybe it would do the same to resin? Perhaps try it on a spare chunk of the same material (if you have it).
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    You can buy UV LEDs why not just buy a few and a resistor and a 9V battery, hook up the LEDs and aim them at the epoxy you want to dis-colour overnight then put by the window during the day, that should do the trick.

    I would avoid direct heat incase it cracks the epoxy or damages the rest of the prop, just go for UV it is the surefire method for discolouring resin.
  5. A2E

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    UV LEDs are pretty weak I think, I doubt they would hasten the process too much. What might be a better option is to buy an EPROM eraser, that should put out some pretty good UV radiation. A quick search of ebay shows that they can be had for under $20.00.
  6. Fly4v

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    Liquid yellow food coloring? Just experiment before applying to the pin.

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