How can i replace COA for Titanic Life Vest


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I bought a 1997 Screen used Titanic Life Vest recently.
It came with a 20th Century Fox Movie tag on it but no full COA.

Does anyone know how i could get a replacement?


seriously though try emailing the makers of the movie I bet that would be the best way to get one if possible. Good luck!
Not going to happen...don't waste your time.

Best you could do is find someone with another and maybe photocopy theres.

Even then it's not going to be a CoA relevant to that item. That's like photocopying a propstore coa for something and putting one with a similar item that you have.
If it never came with one...then there isn't one to replace.
I think it will be more than a little difficult to get anyone to issue you a CoA for an item you just bought from somebody that doesn't have one. If it is easy to do that...then to be honest I would be a little worried about any item even when it does come with a CoA!
I would ask who you bought it from if they had one.

If they don't you are SOL


I bought a 1997 Screen used Titanic Life Vest recently.
It came with a 20th Century Fox Movie tag on it but no full COA.

Does anyone know how i could get a replacement?


Yeah I don't think Fox/Peterman will give you one, I wouldn't even bother asking as Fox are not the most helpful when it comes to props, unless you bought it direct from them and Peterman was bought over since 1998 so they have no reference material etc etc...

If the tag is the cream coloured one with a sticker on it and the Fox/Paramount Logo's then it's more than likely the real deal.


Thank you for your replies.
Looks like there's no chance then....bummer.

I only recently started collecting screen used props and like to have the COA with it in case i ever want to sell it. Unfortunately this one slipped through the net as i was given the impression that the tag was the COA (the seller had also never seen the official COA). It was only after i bought it that i accidentally stumbled on another one with the full-on COA.

J - I've attached a couple of pics so you can see. Let me know what you think.


If that is the picture of your tag, then I would not worry about it. For all you know the one you stumbled on could be an aftermarket tag added by an auction house. From what someone else posted, yours appears to be tag that came with most of them.
Ditto all the other comments so far... just don't lose the tag. Provenance is the only thing that separates originals from replicas and CoAs aren't the end-all-be-all of provenance. If you're not involved at the Movie Prop Forum, get involved there. Learning the ropes with screen-used collecting is not optional with that hobby because it is NOTHING like replica collecting aside from having to do with movie props.

Hope that helps.

I have one of these, but its in a box burried under more boxes. It came from J. Peterman, I will def. take a pic and show you what the tag looked like. I agree with the others, as long as it has the tag, that is provenance enough for most.
I agree with you just keeping the tag and you will be fine - The best you could do is find out who made the life jackets for the film and send it to them to see if they think it looks right, but even then you will only get a "This looks like" certificate and not a "This is" cert.
In the case of Titanic props, there will be 2 maybe even 3 different COA's out there, I've seen two which are authentic. The first was from J.Peterman and has the ships Blueprints faded into the background design... J.Peterman were the official sellers for Fox/Paramount for the movie props.

Then I believe in 1998 Fox themselves had an auction through Yahoo Auctions, they provided their own smaller COA's this time as it had nothing to do with J.Peterman. These COA's where white or light blue and had the Fox Archive's emblem embossed into the bottom corner of the COA. The lifejacket I own has one of these COA's.
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