how am i going to leave a 1 inch hole in this supermax dryer?


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molding/casting question......

was going to cast a supermax dryer for a vibro ax.

the resin casting will be solid apart from a 1 inch hole right along the length. (see pic) so a casting could be slid onto a pole.

how do i go about this in one pour?

any suggestions?




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Maybe not the right way, but I would start by pulling that appliance apart, then bore the hole and make sure you have a good fit on the pole.

Clay up the 2 halves and make a 2 part mold.

If you cut (or even make) the end open on the mold, you should be able to set it up with the pole in place so that when you make the pour, the resin bonds to the pole.


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the dryer is all ready

i dont want a casting to bond to anything, i want a 1inch void right through the middle.

easier to post without a 5 foot pole sticking out of it.


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Make a solid two piece mold. Then put a wooden dowel with mold release on it in place before you pour your resin to cast it. The resin will pour around the dowel. Then just pull your cast and pull the dowel out. The dowel only needs to be a bit longer than the dryer but the same width as the pole you're going to use.
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Thanks, I did think of a piece of metal tube as it would be smoother. The resin is a 2 part fast cast.
what sort of mold release is recommended?
I've never had to use a release with fast cast, only silicone. Don't want to use something that will inhibit the curing of the resin.

Spray wax or something like vaseline?

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Why not use a candle as the form for your inner void? The wax should release from the resin and if there is an issue freeing it, you can boil it out.

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Use what ever pipe you intend for the final piece.
Grease it with Vaseline or cover with a condom.
Pour resin into mold then insert the pipe.

Once cured you should be able to remove it.
If the pipe goes all the way through make sure to mold it with pipe sticking out both ends so it has something to key into.

The other options:
insert a thin walled pipe (with the end plugged) that your final pipe fits into so you dont have to remove anything, just trim the end(s)
or just insert the pole you intend to use and leave it.


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I have used Vaseline and not had any curing issues.

The condom is an interesting idea. Would the latex cause an issue? I know that some additive silicone products don't set when touching latex, even latex gloves.


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The reason I suggested putting it in BEFORE pouring the resin is so you have plenty of time to get it in the right position. You may have to use clamps to hold it over the mold and keep it level. You just don't want to rush getting it in the right spot after pouring the resin before it sets, and you don't want inserting the dowel to cause an overflow.
WD40 if you can get it there, or vaseline, or a condom should work just fine.
Really any spray lubricant to fix squeaks. I've even used spray armor-all (for car interiors).
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