How accurate is the MR Anakin AOTC lightsaber?


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I've been looking for an Anaking Skywalker lightsaber from Attack Of The Clones for awhile and I recently heard that the Master Replicas version is inaccurate, is that true and if it is how accurate is it? Thank you.


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Which Master Replicas version? There are several.

The regular LE version.



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With this prop in particular, you have multiple options.

I for one would gladly add the MR saber to my collection if found for a great price.
My collection started with Icons sabers, which were then replaced by Master Replicas sabers, and now I seek more accurate sabers made by hobbyists with an eye for detail. I also build my own with replica and original parts.

As for your initial question, the MR LE Anakin AOTC saber in my opinion ranks high on the accuracy scale, about 90%
This from a guy who thinks adding the flaws of the original prop to the replica is furthering it's accuracy.

cayman shen

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SD Studios

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So which parts of the MR version are incorrect?

Yah. Which parts are incorrect? :lol

BTW: I was cleaning out my files the other day, and I found my original notes, pics, and measurements I took off the original prop. If anyone ever does another run, I have the reference here...


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Gone but not forgotten.
I am on the list but it might take another year so if I run into a great deal somewhere else I might get it. I talked to a seller over on Rebelscum a couple days ago who has one made by Oz but it has a matte finish.

Oz is a personal friend of mine - you'll not be disappointed as I have several of his pieces. What finish are you looking for? Chromed? Patrick.
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