Hotshot's Contest Entry: 'Game of Thrones' Dragon eggs

Discussion in 'Sculpture and Makeup Effects' started by Hotshot, Apr 23, 2012.

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    Well, time to hop into a contest!

    What you'll be seeing here is my work on the first of the three Dragon Eggs gifted to Danni in the early episodes of GOT

    I've been working on this over the last few days, and it dawned on me to do while re-watching Season 1 of GOT. I'm a huge fan of this series now, and am going to try my hand at different props and things; once more info and the like make it into the online world.

    My own experience
    My own sculpture experience started when the Will Vinton commercials and work hit big. I dove into the world, and it could be considered some of my own early prop work, recreating the California Raisins, The Noid (my favorite), and even toying with the Gnome King from 'Return to Oz.' Eventually I fell into model building, but have always used my sculpting for something, be it fine art classes, set design, costuming, and so on. I've done it all, and love doing it!!

    About the Egg
    This is done in my personal WED clay mixture, which is more clay than wax, thus pretty soft. I screw up a lot, so it's good to be able to tear in a start over.

    The base underneath is two Styrofoam balls, joined with a thick cardboard tube.

    I formed the general shape with a thick coat of clay, and once I was satisfied with the shape, I picked which egg I wanted to start with (this is the red egg), and scoured my screen caps so that the lower half that's been chipped away over time matched.

    While the eggs are all the same size, each egg is different from the next, in color, wear, and even scale size.
    The red egg seems to be the middle child. Medium scales, chipping starting in the middle, and the color, and nice middle of the road terra cotta.

    Sculpting the Egg
    The scales are laid on by one, each row done vertically.
    The chipping and puckering was accomplished by hitting the clay with a volcanic rock I picked up while driving through Idaho. The benefit of the styro ball underneath was plain, as it collapsed when I needed to do large chips.

    This is most defiantly a work in progress, as there is much to be fixed. I do look forward to getting this cast, then stripping the scales and sculpting the next egg!!



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    Brilliant and original!

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    good stuff man, i really dig the texture and what an awsome way to get it. never would have thought of that.
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    Thanks guys!!
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    How were you able to do the scales? I have tried to figure out a way to make the uniform scale shape and just can't get it.

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