Horner’s Willow 2 CD Set Now Available


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Well, this was apparently released with no fanfare, back in 2022; I stumbled across it, yesterday.

After years of asking for it, Intrada has finally released 2 CD set of James Horner’s Score to Willow.

The Intrada listing may be found here:


The CD set is also available via Amazon:

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Nice. Glad you found it. I picked up a copy back in July. You're right about the no fanfare. Same as you, I just happened to stumble upon it.

I usually buy soundtracks at Screen Archives Entertainment. They seem to have preorders listed fairly early. I just picked up Conan the Destroyer 2cd also by Intrada. That's another one that has been long requested. I think I'll copy you ALLEY and start a thread for anyone that's interested.

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