Hoping this will See Eaglewolf570 aka Mario Soto Fulfill His Promise


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Eaglewolf570 (Mario Soto), you sent me a message on December 10th stating the following:

"Hi Eric...I can ship your helmet back to you and refund your money back. I have not alter your helmet in any way...I can have it shipped out on Friday, I just would need to know the date that you made payment from Paypal. Sorry again Eric for the late replies and the delays. Mario"

That was the first reply to my messages since September, and that follows months of pushback from your receipt of my helmet and money in July. I haven't received my refund, nor my unaltered helmet, nor insured shipping confirmation with a tracking number, nor ANY replies since this one. We all have difficulties and unexpected burdens, but the fact that you would make a purchase here while I was sending you emails and PMs to get updates, and later to get a refund & return of my helmet..that's just insulting. Your word and your reputation are on the line. Live up to your word and I will gladly let the collecting communities know.
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Mario Soto, aka Eaglewolf570, aka Clonesrus2013, you have been given plenty of time to follow through, and it disappoints me that I now have no other option than to file a small claims lawsuit against you and Liza Demos. When the 501st gave you another shot and you blew them off, you said to the SW fan & collecting world that you're not to be trusted, and earned a -10 karma hit.
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