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OK, This was not the plan, but I decided to part with my "backup" Hook and Dagger (and throw in a Hook Ransom Note). In some cases, I keep a "backup" copy stored away for some awesome props, in case something happens with the ones that are on display. With kids in house, you never know.

But these "backups" take up A LOT of place, so I'm parting with quite a few of them, including these awesome props. The Hook and Dagger do not need a lot of explenation, I guess. Both made by Sarednab. The Ransom Note was made by Zenix on weather parchment paper and handwritten by a Calligraphist (so not printed).

Dagger stand is NOT included in the sale. So only Dagger, Hook and Note.

Original prices for these props were:

- Hook: € 890
- Dagger: € 320
- Note: $ 75 (about €70)

So over €1280 in total.

I'd like to get €1100 (netto) for them, so I think this is a good deal, especially since those props are sold out as far as I know. I prefer to ship within Europe if possible (avoiding paypal fees if possible, because these are pretty high on such an amount). If interested, drop me a PM.

I'm not splitting up this set, so please do not contact me if you are only interested in one piece. Feel free to buy the set and sell off the pieces you do not need.

Hook and Dagger will be securely packed in seperate boxes. I have send a Hook and Dagger in one big box (very well packed) in the past, and USPS managed to "handle" the package in such a way that the dagger arrived borken. I hope that packing them seperately (and put both boxes in one big box for shipping) will protect them even more, so they arrive in perfect condition.


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I think so too. Maybe too good and I change my mind again within a few days about selling these. ;)
Is the dagger stand included?
No, stand is not included, as mentioned in the description. I only have one stand and want to use it for my own dagger, so it's in the pictures only to be able to make good pictures of the dagger. But if you look at Etsy for "vertical dagger stand wood", you should be able to pick up a dagger stand for $15 - $20...
Never had issues with it in the past. No problem to have it shipped outside the EU, but importing them in the US I'm not 100% sure. I know quite a lot of these daggers where shipped to the US without any issue...

But if possible, I'd prefer these to be shipped within the EU, to be honest... If the buyer takes responsibility for getting these imported, I'm willing to sell outside the EU...
Bumpy. As said: preferrably shipping within Europe! Local pickup in Flanders would be even better.
Considering not selling these after all... I'll leave them on the forum till the end of the month, and if they do not get sold, I'll keep them in my collection for just a little longer. So if you REALLY want these, drop me a PM.

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