Hook Pan Battle Sword Toy (Info Needed)


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I just found the Pan Battle Sword toy from Hook in a bunch of my old stuff.
Its in great condition and I still have the box and instructions and everything.
Anyone know if these are hard to find or if they are worth anything?
Sorry if this is the wrong section, feel free to move it if needed.


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Very sought after in the Hook collector community. Not a great "Prop" but a very popular piece from that toy series. Stick it on ebay, I have no doubt it will sell.


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thats cool. The sword it's self is in flawless condition, the directions, mint as well. The box has some wear for sure but is all in tact. I will try and get pics later.


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I'm curious as to what it is worth myself as I just acquired one and while trying to research it I was not able to find one for sale on ebay or anywhere. Very little info that i could find, I even looked here. It seems to be one of the most sought after Hook toys as all the other Hook toys I could locate.


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Hi All,

Just trying to track one down. Was meant to get one for Xmas when I was a kid but my brother told my mum I wouldn't like it...

I've posted in the new members WTB section but thought I'd check here first.
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