Hook oil painting "finished"


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hey guyses and guyserines

so, i was looking all around for the oil painting had in his chambers in the movie (dustin hoffman)

i only found a low res version of the full picture, but some good shots of parts of it.

i used all my photoshop skills to fit and rescale those parts to the low res full size one. well, im not really skilled at this, so i would love if someone could work a little magic on the remaining parts. im not even sure if its a lot of work, so check yourself: here is what i've got so far(see attachments)
as you see the top is only empty space that is basicly the same texture as the texture around his head.
the space inbetween his chest and his head part can probably be filled with clone stamp etc, what im worried about is the right part of his chest, where i could not find any good pictures.
also the reflection of the flash need to be fixed, im tryingn that right now, but as i said, im quite noobish in photoshop.

so if anyone is interested in helping out, send me a pm, i will gladly share my psd file, but its to big for the attachment section, its allready scaled to the right size of the painting which is 27"x35", so the file size is rather big
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Re: Hook oil painting

so, i worked on it a little more, and i finished the top half, i inserted a new pic for the face, which is much more detailed, and has way more structure, but im still having trouble with the lower half

here is my progress:
Re: Hook oil painting

Have you seen this pic?

Re: Hook oil painting

Last time I quoted there was no pic in that post. That helps a lot guys thanks. I will finish this tomorrow, thanks to you :)
Re: Hook oil painting

so, some effort made, distorted and refinished the flash marks, id say its gotten pretty good :)

thanks to thegreatgalling for the finding of the lower part :)
it helped a great deal, i kept the parts i allready had because they have higher detail, but i filled the blank spots with his picture :)

it could still be improved, if i got high res shots of the top of the hair and a detail shot of the chin/neck part, but i couldnt find any of those, so i used my own "skills" to refinish this as good as possible

now, no further talk, heres the finished pic :)
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Re: Hook oil painting "finished" and free ;)

WOW :eek :eek :eek

Thanks for sharing this !!!

..... here goes another frame eventually :lol
Re: Hook oil painting "finished" and free ;)

Hi !

I started a similar project some months ago. But i decided to wait after the blu ray release to try to continue.

I made some corrections of your version :

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Re: Hook oil painting "finished" and free ;)

First off I think EyeofSauron did a great job, second it looks like you just turned up the gamma (or turned down whichever you prefer) on your version.

Both look great, just a matter of whether you like the portrait lighter or darker.

Re: Hook oil painting "finished" and free ;)

Thank you so much for sharing. This is going to look soo great in my dad's pirate room! Thanks again!
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